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Blog Development

You know your business like few others do. You know this, and your customers know this. But how do prospects who’ve never met you know? They might not. How can you find them to tell them if you don’t even know where they are?

A well-crafted blog can be the answer, positioning you as an industry thought leader and letting the prospects you never met come to you instead of you somehow having to find them.

Sixty percent of buyers make purchasing decisions after reading a blog about the given product or service. Nearly half read three pieces of content or more before deciding to buy, and frequently that content appears in a blog. The knowledge you have in your head about a wide range of issues in the business, knowledge that could be useful to prospects out there right now is the stuff that could make your blog fly and customers flock to you.

But there a few details. Like any industry, a commercial real estate blog must be produced on a timely and consistent basis to keep the attention of readership. Keeping your blog front and center means employing useful techniques to ensure your blog gets seen, such as using the right keywords, proper formatting and tagging.

Knowing your stuff doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to write it in a way that compels people to read. Quality content is key. But if you do know your stuff – and we know you do – our commercial real estate blog team can make sure your content works, generating leads, building sales or simply fulfilling your desire to inform.

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Basic SEO Blog Articles (450 – 600 words)

  • Client supplied clear topic and direction
  • Secondary research
  • Links (approx 3 external)
  • Keyword embedding (if supplied)


Developed SEO Blog Articles (450-600)

  • Topic research and development
  • Secondary research
  • Links (approx 3 external)
  • Keyword embedding (if supplied)


Long Blog Articles (800 - 1100 words)

  • Secondary research
  • Links (approx 3 external)
  • Keyword embedding (if supplied)


Advanced Blog Articles (800-1100 words)

  • Interviewing subject matter experts
  • Multiple rounds of revisions
  • Longer format, etc.

Per project or hourly @ $85/hr

Industry Article (1000-1500 words)

  • These are longer form articles that attempt to establish thought leadership for the client. More highly researched. Could incorporate any empirical data the company has collected. A piece like this is usually gated and delivered to a website visitor only after they’ve completed a contact form.


Bios (per individual) (250 – 350 words)

  • Based on supporting content provided by client
  • Includes light research on LinkedIn, company website, etc. to develop the story
  • Does not include interviewing the client or others.


Web Copy (per page up to 300 words)

  • Developed based upon input brief from client (we can supply a template)
  • Wireframe illustration of site should be supplied


Short Newsletter (250 words)

  • Brief on a topic supplied by client
  • Copy points for a simple infographic or chart
  • Development of one supporting factoid


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