Email Marketing

Got an email marketing plan? If not, get one. If so, make sure it’s a good one. Because it’s costing you missed marketing opportunities if not. More than half the world’s population, some 4 billion people, use email, and the number and share are increasing each day. More than 300 billion emails are sent every day. And the return on investment? Try more than $35 for every dollar spent. Nothing beats it.

But no marketing effort that works does so simply because you do it. If it were that easy, nearly everyone would be rich, since 80 percent of business and marketing professionals say email drives acquisition and retention. Here’s another number: Sixty percent of consumers say they’ve made a buy because of an email.

The trick is doing it right. That means segmenting your database into target markets to optimize efficiency and tracking results. Anyone can push send on an email. But a professional commercial real estate email marketer can gain an understanding of your business, develop copy and graphics to meet your needs and work through your marketing platform to get your message out.

That’s where we come in. We know how the best email campaigns work, in their strategy, execution and timing. We know how to write the headlines that grab attention and how to craft email products that build your brand and establish you as the expert. The customers are out there waiting for your emails to find them. We’ll work with you to make that happen.

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CRE Emails Template design by FocusedCRE