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A proposal that performs its key role in the selling process is more than a sales document. It’s more than all the things ordinarily associated with it – pictures, graphs, market data and copy. It is a builder of you and your company. It is a communicator about the way you do business. It is conveying on every single page a message about you and how you work with customers.

It starts with a focus on the customer. An effective proposal demonstrates your knowledge not only of the property or project you’re selling but, most important to the client, how that meets the client’s needs and expectations, how it fits into the client’s vision of what they want that property to be. An effective proposal anticipates the client’s questions and answers them, straightforwardly and accurately.

Typical features include an assessment, property brief, market overview, property inspection material and an explanation of your marketing program. All the pieces matter. Tight, concise professional writing and strong images and smartly designed graphics and charts walk the customer through the plan, using facts and information to help bring form to the concept.

Putting a product like this together is no small task. It takes time and precision. Everything from typos to poorly framed photos or clumsy graphics can be reason enough for a client to just say no. Other selling opportunities could be missed while trying to get the proposal just right. We’re here. We know your business. We know how to make sure you always look your best. Put us to work. Meanwhile, you can go find that next customer.