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So, your client has in hand a broker’s opinion of value, that expert third-party assessment that helps quickly demonstrate a property’s value based on market data and industry insight. It can be a cost-efficient, time saver for your client but a burden for you.

These documents can be short and simple, covering only a few pages, or they can be extensive, running 40 to 50 pages, including in-depth analysis, details on the property location and condition, square footage, building features, a market assessment, tenant data and much more. An executive summary features a value abstract, offering a concise analysis of suggested or expected pricing, both asking and sale, and square-footage rates.

Property highlights provide a bulleted list of vital info and assess the site’s pros and cons. Then there’s the part everyone wants to read, the comps, that essential piece of data for pricing. Market information also is supplied to help support the opinion. And, of course, images of the property, maps of locations and charts help illustrate the analysis.

You know from being in the business of commercial real estate that every part of the process matters. A slickly produced BOV not only can help drive a sale, it also can communicate that the people behind it know their business and inject every part of their work with care and professionalism. It’s always about building the brand, and that’s always about doing it right. We’ll help make sure you do, delivering BOVs with writing and design that impress from front to back.

BOV template of Shutter Equities by FocusedCRE
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real estate BOV template of Shutter Equities
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