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We may be living in a digital world, but commercial real estate flyers still retain the oomph that long has made them a valuable and versatile go-to tool for sellers. The easily recognizable one-sheeters are attractively designed to showcase the image and details of a particular property. A well-designed flyer will complement your property tours by providing a distinctive takeaway for prospects.

But it’s not a given that a flyer will work. It needs to be eye-catching and informative. The idea is for the flyer to increase interest in the offering. For that to happen, the flyer must deliver enough critical information to pique the prospect and visuals and headlines catchy enough to grab the prospect’s attention in the first place. Too much cluttering a small space and the flyer might never be noticed. Too little information diminishes its value.

Flyers have a wide range of uses, from those takeaways after tours to email marketing or phone follow-ups or direct mail. Effective flyers each have a specific mission, to generate leads, to draw people to a showing, to beckon them to call after it, to put out there the company’s name or an image of an ideal site waiting for an ideal buyer

Making it all work requires a strategy going into the effort and people who understand both commercial real estate and how to deliver marketing materials that work. We will work with you to formulate a plan of attack, and then we’ll deliver flyers that help drive prospects straight to you. We know you’ll take it from there.

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