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The last step to getting a yes is getting time before the client to deliver your commercial real estate presentation. Everything you’ve done to this point, all the calls and follow-ups, is crystalized in a single moment to shine. Of course, you’re selling the opportunity to a customer. But you’re also selling more, so much more. You are selling you. You are selling your brand.

So, it all needs to sing. The words, images, charts and graphics simply must dazzle. Effective real estate presentations featuring all these elements grab the customer’s attention and hold it. Dynamic pictures and video bring life to words and help customers see the vision and make it their own. Bullet points highlight key components and help unfold the logic behind the pitch. Graphics and charts give meaning to the numbers. And well-crafted summary text brings it all home.

Selling is the art of making customers see and believe, not only in the project or idea but in the people behind it. Sharp, professional presentations communicate not just the pitch but the care you’ve taken to understand and respect the client. This is no time for half measures. Just as first impressions are lasting, so, too, are those made when, at the end of a long marketing effort, a customer at last agrees to sit, watch and listen to you, your team and your pitch.

Hit it out of the park. Turn to people who know your business and know how to deliver winning presentations time after time. You’ll not only dramatically improve your chances of getting the sale, you’ll also win the confidence of customers for years to come.

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