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Site Plans
& Renderings

Few commercial real estate documents are more fundamental than the site plan. And few do more to generate excitement about a project’s real possibilities than a professionally crafted rendering. These documents are the engines of new ideas, critical to forming the vision and carrying it through the process to execution.

A detailed, true-to-scale drawing displaying permanent structures and elements as well as additions and featuring the precise dimensions, a professionally produced commercial real estate site plan serves as the guiding document of a successful construction project. A detailed site plan is critical for obtaining regulatory permits and, ultimately, the bidding and construction of your project from retail renovation to major industrial complexes.

Every player in the process benefits from effective site plans and renderings, from buyers and sellers to owners and developers to architects and builders to regulators and, finally, the public, who, in some cases, can be key to a project’s ultimate success or its defeat at the starting gate.

In cases where a public entity must decide the fate of a given project, the oohs and aahs of a rendering can be the first step to a yes vote. A rendering is the next step from a site plan, presenting a view of what the completed project will look like, advancing it from the idea stage to a visual image tangible to the imagination.

These are essential tools for any commercial real estate marketer. We can make sure you have them sharpened and ready to roll for your next project.

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