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Video Marketing

Here’s the platform that brings it all together. Commercial real estae video marketing can provide prospects with a chance to explore a potential site without ever rising from their desk chairs, even from their phones while business surfing before bed. The opportunities are boundless. Video floorplans, drone footage, tenant testimonials and property tours are just a few of the ways video can work for you.

A quality, professionally shot and produced video drives leads, lures prospects and builds excitement for projects still in the planning stages. Online, it’s a must in a digital realm that is already heavily visual and increasingly driven by video. More than 85 percent of global web traffic in the United States is driven by video.

It’s not only a forceful marketing platform to reach prospective commercial real estate customers, it’s also an a powerful means for commercial real estate professionals to sell a wide range of customers, from potential tenants in an apartment complex or industrial park to businesses populating a new town mall. For projects like these, getting investors on board early and keeping them there is a must, and nothing accomplishes that like commercial real estate video.

Video takes people inside a space and provides an understanding of it that 2D site plans can’t. Video also is useful in marketing your own business and educating prospects about who you are and how you do business. You can highlight your people, your successes and sense of corporate identity that drives it all. It’s another brand-builder. We’re ready to help you take advantage.

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