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Time to Outsource Your CRE Marketing
18 Oct

Time to Outsource Your CRE Marketing

It’s hard to ask for help. Part of the human condition is to avoid requesting assistance —even when we know we should. Psychologists will tell us this hesitancy stems from any number of reasons such as; ignorance, need for independence, the burden of explaining our need, or just plain fear. That mindset, however, particularly when it comes to marketing your commercial real estate business, is just shortsighted.

Outsourcing Is Prescriptive for Commercial Real Estate Marketing

Business today is hectic and fast-paced and continually demanding. While there’s a tendency to want to handle all things related to your business yourself or by using internal resources, engaging outside help can alleviate burdens. Outsourcing your marketing is the perfect opportunity to do this.

According to Deloitte’s 2019 Industry Outlook, agility is critical for commercial real estate firms winning in this digital era. Being agile means being unconstrained in reacting to competitive threats, changing market conditions, or capitalizing on new opportunities. A virtual marketing team can help you do that, without detracting from your core business activities.

Benefits of Outsourcing

The ways a dedicated commercial real estate marketing can help are numerous. Delegating marketing tasks that are not central to core business activities, but bog your daily schedule, is an excellent way to re-energize you and your team in attending to clients and closing new deals.

Lack of oversight is a concern shared by many businesses regarding outsourcing. While outsourcing requires trust and a reputable partner, you’re most certainly in control. Your virtual marketing team works for you and knows the importance of understanding and meeting your needs. Whether that’s building your new website, developing flyers or creating an offering memorandum, these professionals are focused on your business. Research shows that most employees are distracted at work fifty-percent of the time. That’s not the case with your outsourced team which works on a subscription basis and is on the hook for deliverables within a defined number of hours.

If you’re still not convinced, here are some additional reasons to consider outsourcing:

Specialized skill sets—A professional commercial real estate marketing company knows your industry. It understands your product offerings, industry jargon and how to go to market. So, there’s no ramp-up time like you might have with a traditional ad agency.

Maximized productivity—When you’re not actively engaged in a campaign, your outsourced team can focus on updating collateral, tweaking your website for SEO, or creating business cards. Or, if you want, they can stand down. Unlike an employee, an outsourced team won’t cost you money if there’s downtime between assignments.

Keep focused—While your employee, Mary, may have a real talent for designing marketing collateral, unless she’s dedicated to that role, she’s likely ignoring more essential responsibilities to create those materials. Outsourcing avoids multi-tasking (a top distraction at the office) and keeps your team focused on generating revenue.

Financial benefits—Outsourcing makes good business sense. Beyond productivity, there are real savings that can come with working with an outside marketing team. First, working with a subscription-based provider means you only pay for the hours you need. Second, there’s no added cost of insurance or other benefits. Finally, you save on overhead, office space, and equipment which can add up to real dollars.

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