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7 Blogging Tips to Grow Your CRE Business
14 Nov

7 Blogging Tips to Grow Your CRE Business

So, here’s the deal: The clients are out there somewhere just waiting to be found. Or perhaps it’s the other way. You’re out there just waiting for the clients to find you. The client goes to the internet and, voila! There you are.

You have a blog that positions you as a commercial real estate leader, an expert, someone who knows the business inside and out, who understands what it takes to ensure the client maximizes the opportunity and recognizes the importance of service from start to finish. A blog can be a large part of reinforcing your branding.

When potential clients see a blog that shows you know your stuff, the chances of them turning to you go up exponentially. The numbers prove it.

Blogging isn’t a new thing anymore. Maybe you’re wondering whether it still works or ever has. Try these numbers: Sixty percent of people engage a company after reading a blog about it, according to Demand Metric. Nearly half of all transactions occur after and interested party has read three pieces of content or more before deciding to buy, lease, or sell according to HubSpot. Blogging is still here because it’s effective.

None of this is to say it’s easy. Blogging is like anything else. You must work it if you want it to work. The web is crowded with content, especially blogs – there are some 2 billion of them on the web right now and roughly 32 million people worldwide tapping out their own priceless prose at the rate of 4,000 blogs a minute.

How do you stand out? Here are some pointers that can make your blog a destination on your commercial real estate website:


An old saw goes, writers write. But writers also read. Read good stuff, especially good writing. Focus on strong conversational-style writers, whether in literature, such as John Steinbeck, Elmore Leonard or Douglas Adams, and the top commercial real estate magazines. Reading good writing will make you a better writer.


Imagine a single person with whom you’re carrying on a conversation over a drink or a meal or at a fireside, explaining your points in simple, direct language. Read your work aloud to see how it would sound in a conversation. If you stumble over the words, rewrite the line so you don’t. This will help you write crisp, clear sentences and maintain a flow to your writing.


Start each blog with a central point in mind and then go about making it. You could begin with a story that builds to your point, or you could make your point straight away and back it up. Imagine the things that would sell that friend at the fireside on your premise, and then walk through an explanation.


Use anecdotes and data to support your point. Remember not to overload on the numbers. Give the reader just enough to get it and feel informed about trends. Writing sticks, so points don’t have to be repeated. Anecdotes and stories help readers relate and data help prove the stories are not isolated instances but examples of what the statistics show.


Word counts are a frequent question when the subject of blogs arises. People often think shorter is better, but data show longer blogs get more reader engagement. Your focus should simply be on writing that is easy to follow and understand. You get that by writing tight sentences free of fluff and fat.


When you are having fun, others around you will, too. Have fun with your blog. Write about things you know well and enjoy talking about. Keep your mind on the idea of that conversation with a friend and savor the talk. When you have fun writing your blog, the chances are your readers will have fun reading it.


The numbers show that if you write regularly, over time, your audience will build. Topping 25 blog posts typically drives up traffic 30% and surpassing 50, up to 77%. Stay at it. Be consistent. The audience might not be there right away, but when you develop it, the data show readership will grow.

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