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Set the Date for a Website Update
28 Mar

Set the Date for a Website Update

Landing on the ideal website frequently begins with customers’ clicks to home or landing pages, where some commercial real estate firms’ chances of making a sale may end before it even got started. The business, after all, is about the thrill of the chase and the excitement of finding the right property. Lifeless home or landing pages kill the buzz, sending prospects clicking off to competitors.

Start with an understanding of the difference between a home page and landing page. A home page fills a general purpose, providing a menu of places users can go, serving as a kind of digital traffic cop to help users navigate their way through a site. A landing page is focused, providing a call to action and aimed at conversion – getting users pulled into the site, pushing them to interact with the company and creating sales or leads.

In both cases, the look and functionality of the page is critical. Everything from the visuals to the typography to the messaging says something about the company behind it, either commanding attention and compelling users to click through to another page to learn more or driving them away. Consider active, vibrant commercial real estate websites like these and ask whether yours delivers similar pop. If it does not, sales could be walking out the internet door.

Updates are easy in the right hands, specifically those of people who know commercial real estate, marketing and web design. First impressions are forever impressions. So …

  1. Start with a visual that covers all or much of the page. This will capture the prospect’s attention before he or she has read a word. A breathtaking panoramic view of a city conveys endless possibility. Video brings movement and draws the attention deeper and holds it. It can send the prospect on a ride into the future or provide a vision of the sale unfolding. Video used skillfully makes the prospect eager to learn what’s next.
  1. Words matter, in what they say, how they say it and the type, size and way they are positioned. The messaging should be simple and direct and the typography selected to bolster the words. Clear, bold type can accentuate a message of commitment, dedication and expertise. Positioned over a silhouetted video, a message of unique service apart from competitors can be underscored by the visual. Care should be taken to ensure the message is clear, succinct and memorable. It should stick.
  1. Simplicity and elegance are enticing. A landing or home page should be expected to grab attention and hold it, not unfold every detail of the company. Attention can’t be held when the pages are cluttered, disorganized and overwhelming. Focused single visuals and messaging keep users locked.
  1. Once inside the site, consistency is a critical component of branding. Carrying through the theme displayed on the home or landing page in the look and feel of the site builds the brand in the mind of the user. Of course, what prospects want to see are sites and specs. Providing pictures and data in an easy-to-follow format that answers questions as they arise can have prospects ready to buy before you even know who they are.

Ready for a website update? Call or shoot us an email. We are ready to go to work for you.

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