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While you sleep, video could be working for you
16 Feb

While you sleep, video could be working for you

Here’s the scenario: The relentlessly hard-working CEO of a commercial real estate firm leans forward at her desk scrolling through the headlines on her phone while nudging away a half-eaten salad. Every headline tells the same story: There’s more business out there waiting to be had. “Covid-19 Fuels Best-Ever Commercial Real-Estate Sales,” declares one title. Another reads, “Extended Stay Hotels ‘Print Money’ for Investors in Covid-19 Downturn.” “Foreign Investment in U.S. Commercial Property Exceeds Pre-Pandemic Levels,” blasts the latest.

All the stories and statistics are exciting and haunting at the same time. Commercial property sales topped $800 billion last year, beating the previous high by more than 25%. Foreign investment surpassed $70 billion. The buyers are out there waiting to be reached. But how to find them and how to reach them? The CEO goes to bed still pondering these questions.

While she slept, instead of her tossing and turning over reaching those buyers, they could have been reaching her company, exploring its listings, considering which might be the right property to meet their needs, being wowed by what they saw and ready to sign contracts and write checks, all before even talking to anyone at the firm.

How so? Easily so. Through video.

It’s the fastest growing marketing platform. Nearly nine in 10 businesses now use video as a marketing tool compared to less than two-thirds in 2019. Mobile video consumption is doubling year over year. It’s the wave in business, and few businesses are more ideal for video than commercial real estate, where site visits are a critical part of the sales process and customers can hail from points across the country and around the globe.

Here are just a few of the things savvy commercial real estate marketers can do:

Video Offering Memorandums: Running anywhere from 1 to 3 minutes, video offering memorandums can show off property, location highlights, demographics and more giving the WOW factor that your client is looking for. This sets you apart from competitors by offering an engaging way to market your property, taking advantage of the fact that the videos account for more than 80% of global web traffic.

Commercials: Now, there’s no need to find a broadcast platform to make a commercial pitch. You have one. It’s called your website. Or social media. Or better, both. You can produce your own commercials with a message and a call to action. It’s just like a TV ad, only you don’t need TV, meaning you neither have to worry about the hassle nor pay the cost, and the marketing-value analytics are superior.

Renditions: Counting on buyers to see a given property’s potential sometimes can be a tall order. Renderings can help, and digital renditions can do even more to help boost developments or properties still being built. A digital rendition can bring a property to life for buyers looking to envision the finished product.

Drones, digital renditions and the use of websites and social media make the possibilities endless. All this means that CEO could be awakening to messages from fresh prospects instead of wondering how to find them and hit them with a pitch.

Looking to lead the video marketing wave? Give us a call or shoot us an email. We are ready to help you learn more about making your commercial real estate video marketing efforts work for you.

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