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Your CRE Website Is The First Step To Growth
27 Jan

Your CRE Website Is The First Step To Growth

Imagine a top broker going to an important business meeting with a client. The broker is ready. The broker knows the property inside and out. The broker understands the client’s needs and has found a site that matches them ideally, from location to essential features necessary to meet the client’s commercial real estate needs. The broker heads to a meeting in the client’s plush headquarters office, striding confidently into the lobby.

There are slight problems.

The broker carries in a briefcase a well-written offering memorandum, but the language of the document is foreign. Neither the broker nor the clients know the language. The graphics in the material are blurred and their details are indiscernible. The broker wears a stained, wrinkled T-shirt, torn jeans and shoes with holes in the soles. When the broker arrives, the receptionist helpfully advises that the unemployment office is two blocks away and the soup kitchen is around the corner. Walking to the elevator, the company CEO glances nervously at the broker and asks the receptionist if all is well.

It, of course, matters little now that the broker is brilliantly prepared, highly knowledgeable and an otherwise highly skilled professional. The chances of a deal have been snuffed before the broker could even speak.

That is what commonly happens when commercial real estate websites fail to match the level of expertise and professionalism of the people who work there. It’s true, in fact, for companies across the spectrum. In the digital age, when consumers and businesspeople alike are accustomed to immediate answers at their fingertips with the quick clicks of buttons, clunky, unprofessional websites are just as apt to kill deals before they begin as the shabbily dressed seller in the major client’s lobby.

Websites need to work on desktop and mobile with equal efficacy. They need to appear sharp and professional, they need to function with ease and precision and they need to sell the company with all these things and more. Because the numbers show what happens if they do not:

  • Even if they like a business, half of users will go there less frequently if that business’ website is not mobile-friendly, according to Google, king of the internet. Three in five users will go to another site. Nearly the same number will take their business elsewhere.
  • Nearly 40% of visitors stop engaging with websites they find unattractive, and about the same share leave sites when images either won’t load or take too long to load.
  • First impressions are critical. Users typically decide within 50 milliseconds – or 0.05 seconds – whether they want to leave a website.

Ensuring a commercial real estate website is ready to do its job in promoting the company, generating leads for sellers, displaying the kind of smart, savvy professionalism that customers expect from commercial real estate firms with whom they’re making large investments is a critical first step to growing business. After all, the website might well be the first point of contact for that major client just looking for the right partner with whom to do business.

It’s a lot to consider, to be sure. You can always give us a call at (317) 793-9014 or email us for help in assessing your site and putting together a game plan to make sure it’s as sharp and professional as you, your team and your company are.

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