Providing the commercial real estate industry with a one-of-a-kind, full service marketing solution.

“Your marketing should be unenjoyable and boring”, said no one ever.

The Difference


One word – effortless. Leave the marketing headache to someone else. Sit back and let us create the strategy and most importantly – execute – on your behalf.


Over 7+ years CRE marketing experience. Over 500+ CRE accounts managed worldwide. Countless projects. You can trust we are providing cutting edge strategies and insight.

We aren’t stretching ourselves thin amongst several industries. Commercial real estate is what we know – its what we are sticking with.


OUTSOURCING your marketing efforts means you can focus on doing what is most important – staying out of the office, meeting with clients, and closing deals.

CLIENT FOCUSED. By taking the time to understand your needs upfront,  you’ll have a custom tailored marketing plan.

DOLLARS. Increase your bottom line. You are only spending money on your marketing when someone is physically working on a project – no time in between. This means less money, more work.

Commercial real estate marketing challenges take creativity and focus to solve.

INTEGRITY. You should trust the company you entrust your marketing to. Our values are backed by a military foundation with integrity as its core value.

We value the relationships we build together and champion your success. We become trusted partners.

FocusedCRE has been a tremendous asset to our team when we split from our old firm and started our new company. They guided us in every step of the process from our initial branding kit, getting our website ready for launch, and rebranded around 30 OM’s for prior to even going live. They are responsive, reliable and most importantly – knowledgeable in the CRE industry. I don’t have to hold any hands to explain what I need. They just get it, and the level of support has been exemplary.

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