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Your commercial real estate website is the digital front door to your business. It creates a first impression that instantly captures the attention of prospects or drives them away. This happens in less than the blink of an eye. Literally. A blink takes 100 milliseconds. Researchers have found it takes people half that long, just 50 milliseconds, to form an impression of a business based on a glimpse of the company’s website.

In that tiny expanse of time, less than it took to read the first word in this sentence, prospects visiting your website get an idea of your company and the way you go about doing business. Skillfully designed commercial real estate websites convey a message to people who land there: This is a company that takes its business seriously, a company where people can be trusted to get the job done.

Skillfully designed commercial real estate websites, produced by people who know the job and know the business, establish your brand in the minds of prospects learning about you for the first time and re-establish it in the minds of those who’ve long known you. Everything your company does digitally goes back to your website, which is your first contact with customers, the place where newcomers find you and to which longtime clients return.

Make sure your site is top-shelf in quality of design and usability. Make sure it builds and enhances your brand. Make sure it works in the way it looks and functions. Because you get less than the blink of an eye to make a first impression that sticks for a lifetime, either with customers you wind up knowing for that long or those gone for good in a single click.

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