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Amenity Map

Amenity Map

An interactive amenity map is one of the secret ingredients to help engage your prospects and provide an impression of the area’s potential that can ultimately add value to your commercial real estate. Showcasing key points of interest such as corporate neighbors, restaurants, hotels, transportation, around the target property will help prospects evaluate a neighborhood and proximity to surrounding establishments.

Here are reasons why interactive real estate maps created using a simple map maker should be an integral part of your commercial real estate marketing material:

Increases Familiarity

Viewing a commercial property on a interactive site map with its surrounding points of interest helps prospects get more familiar with the area. Seeing familiar establishments in an unknown area creates comfort and helps visitors quickly categorize the information to make conclusions about the socio-economic and cultural characteristics of the location.

Increases Engagement

There are a lot of reasons why visitors might leave your apartments page (here are 5 mistakes that can kill your property listings) but an informative and attractive map that highlights local amenities maps can help fight this.

A static website that has dry content and no interactive components will never create a memorable experience for a visitor. In fact, studies by Forrester Research suggest that 40% of visitors will never return to a website after having a negative experience.

An interactive amenities map using a property map maker can drastically increase user engagement for your listing. It is a perfect combination of design and functionality to help make your property website much more “sticky” and keep visitors engaged.

Quick Access to Key Information

Location is key, and we all know the beauty of a map is that it can provide relevant information and allows you to quickly highlight specific establishments that would resonate well with the end user you are targeting (office tenant, retail tenant, etc.).

Visually Displays Key Advantages

Maps can be a powerful visual asset to stress the benefits of your property and create a memorable experience. They can help tell a story and impress your prospects without you having to spell everything out in writing.

The points on an amenities map help visually represent the key benefits (nearby restaurants, retailers, hotels, transportation, etc.) of your property’s location.

It can also provide relevant information and allows you to highlight specific establishments that would resonate well with the end user you are targeting (office tenant, retail tenant, etc.).

Insight Into Competitive Landscape

For retailers, maps are critical to evaluate the competitive landscape of a specific location and are a key part of the decision-making process in site selection. An interactive map can give retailers a visual assessment of the level of market saturation as well as complimentary businesses (surrounding retailers) in the area very quickly.

Amenities Map Creator

The exponential growth of online ordering has caused a massive shift in the way we experience retail today. Commercial real estate investors and developers are all too aware of how these changes will impact their bottom line, too, and are making moves to keep up.

Amenities shown on a map using an amenities map creator are one way that a project can stand apart in a sea of commercial real estate options. They catch the tenant’s eye, bring benefit to their employees and customers, and help curate a memorable experience – crucial in today’s marketplace.

Just as retail has shifted to accommodate a new consumer, other types of commercial real estate will need to adapt to suit the new tenant base. Times have changed! And so has the modern work environment. Alongside multifamily, office and industrial buildings are increasing their amenity packages to curate an experience and lifestyle for the businesses that they aim to attract. And the data is there to show that commercial real estate investors benefit heavily from these offerings.

Commercial real estate amenity map is a tool created by custom map creator, custom map creator free, or free amenities map creator that assists commercial real estate agents and brokers to find the best property for their clients.

It helps them to identify which amenities are available in different commercial properties. It also helps them to find the features of each property, such as location, size, and price.

This tool is especially helpful for those who are looking for properties in different cities or countries.

Commercial real estate is the most important investment for any business. That’s why it’s important for them to find a property that has all the amenities they need.

Amenities are what make a commercial real estate property desirable. They can include anything from access to public transportation, proximity to other businesses, and even proximity to schools or parks.

Google Maps

Many CRE companies rely on google maps to build their amenities maps.  Agencies such as FocusedCRE are no acceptation. We rely greatly on google earth, google maps app, and google maps satellite to create our maps.  Using google maps street view, you can systematically pick out amenities near a particular address that you're showcasing.  Google maps also can take unlabeled snapshots of an area that are high quality, which makes our maps pop!

Google may have dropped support for real estate listings search in its map’s application back in 2011, but Google Maps is still an enormously valuable tool for real estate professionals. Here’s a look at how you can make use of Google Maps in your real estate business.

Custom maps can be organized in a variety of ways, with color-coded icons as well as lines and polygons for defining specific regions or neighborhoods. Finally, you can also invite colleagues or customers as collaborators to build a custom map that puts everyone on the same page.

You may have come across or used the street view feature of Google maps. It basically allows you to offer a view of the property concerned and provide an insight into the neighbourhood to potential clients and customers. Now, what if we tell you that this type of visual representation, when backed by real-time data, can help you find the best of opportunities while providing the customers a very comprehensive perspective on a property? Well, this has been made possible through the use of real estate mapping!

Technology has proliferated in almost every domain of the real estate industry. From predictive analytics tools to VR/AR devices, real estate professionals now have access to scores of technologies that can help market properties, improve customer experience, and conduct online transactions. While all have a set of advantages, the use of real estate mapping through GIS-enabled systems has risen to the top of these resources.

Amenities Near Me

Amenities meaning : Amenities maps are a go to in the commercial real estate world.  Investors need to know the amenities near me, places to visit near me and attractions near me in reference to their properties.  A good real estate emanates map will show where people work, play and live.  It's a vital piece to showcase the positives of your property location, and something that sells the address.

Having a map to show you the way around a neighborhood is a sure shot way to make tenants/visitors feel more secure in the new area they are visiting. Viewing a commercial property on an interactive map that includes amenities helps people get familiar with the area. They won’t feel like they have missed out on cool features in the area.

When deciding the position or location of this map, you have to consider who your target audience is. Just like in shopping malls, a real estate amenities map should be in an area that’s the most busy and central. The lobby is a great place to have this map set up as well as at the entrance outside the property.

We at FocusedCRE can help your goal of owning commercial real estate that’s both lucrative and a long term investment. Check out our list of comprehensive list of services we offer. No matter your budget, we can negotiate flexible terms to help you meet your marketing goals. Contact FocusedCRE for more information about our mapping services!

Nowadays, many businesses are focusing on regards to their customer experience and take advantage of the data they have. This can be seen in the way that companies are updating their amenities to help people stay healthy and happy, like providing a gym or Wi-Fi.

The map provides a comprehensive overview of commercial real estate amenities that are available in the Twin Cities area. It is based on the most recent research from CBRE and other sources.

A Commercial Real Estate Amenity Map includes all commercial properties in a given area and displays them on an interactive map. It allows users to search for property types, locations, and other data points.

Commercial Real Estate Mapping Software

Commercial real estate mapping is an online mapping service that helps real estate professionals find properties, research market conditions and find tenants. It offers a free search engine for commercial space and provides floor plans, photos, videos, interactive maps and more.

Commercial real estate mapping has been created to support the needs of the commercial property management industry using a customized “deep search” to provide users with as much information as possible about a specific property. The deep search allows users to search by keywords like size of the company they are looking for, number of employees in their company or how old they would like their lease term to be.

In addition to that Commercial Real Estate Mapping also offers other features such as: contact details of commercial companies with detailed questions about the property; open listings advertisements; floor plans, photos and videos published by professional photographers and videographers; interactive maps with zoom-in level for the details.

Commercial real estate mapping is still in its infancy and only a few companies provide detailed analysis of the property. When you are investing in such a marketplace, is it difficult to choose between the several available options.

There are many commercial real estate mapping software available, as well as free real estate mapping tools to create commercial real estate maps in the market. But not all of them provide robust features and functionalities which one needs for their respective needs. Hence, before deciding on a tool, it is important to consider at least the following factors:

Accuracy - This is the foremost consideration for any mapping project. It will be pointless using an accurate map that has poor data sets behind it.

2) User-friendliness - Most mapping projects involve significant amount of data collection and analysis work and it's always a challenge navigating through various maps to find what you need.

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