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Identity Kits

A close corollary of branding is corporate identity. Your brand represents the promise you make to customers. A commercial real estate corporate identity kit is how you communicate that promise. Leading business strategists explain branding is about emotionally connecting customers to the business. Corporate identity is about the appearance that business presents to the world and itself.

Just as is the case with branding, there are no shortcuts. Your business reputation will be built based on what you do and how you operate, not on how polished your materials look. But people who see the larger picture know that a strong, powerful corporate identity is not a substitute for doing good business but a message that this business takes its identity and its work seriously.

That is the type of business upon which customers know they can rely.

A corporate identity audit is the first step in figuring out where you stand. Look at everything that carries your company’s name – everything online, from your website to email signatures, and everything printed, from the sign on the front door to invoices, not only the fonts but color schemes and everything else associated with your business. Are these things consistent? Do they drive home a message about your company?

Here’s a hint. They do. Even when you’re not trying. The trouble is, when you’re not trying, it’s evident. The message is jumbled, unclear. America’s biggest corporate names are known by way of a simple word, slogan or color. Because their identity is consistent.

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