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Smartphones and computers fueled by the internet have taken over every aspect of American life and business, but for commercial real estate marketers, direct mail remains a staple of the industry. We market tangible things to serious thinkers who still like to hold tangible products in their hands, to study printed words and images as they consider their next move. Direct mail still delivers.

In fact, response rates still dramatically outpace email and digital advertising. But there’s still a fine line between a direct mail campaign that succeeds and one that just sends more marketing money out the window. It’s the old marketing Catch-22. Businesses that don’t market can’t expect to survive. Businesses that don’t market well can’t expect to thrive.

As always, it starts with a strategy. You need to know your database of prospects, investors and brokers to promote and generate maximum attention. It requires perseverance and the watchful eye of a professional marketer to pay off. Execution is critical. If you invest in the effort, but deliver a marketing report, listing sheet or announcement of a big win that fumbles on the design or in the copy, your direct mail might well get taken out with the trash.

But nail the product, and do it with a sound strategy, and direct mail can help you nail the sale, too. We know how to put it all together for you with a plan and product that position you for a direct hit the next time you direct mail.

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