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Email Marketing For Real Estate

Got an email marketing plan? If not, get one. If so, make sure it’s a good one. Because it’s costing you missed marketing opportunities if not. More than half the world’s population, some 4 billion people, use email, and the number and share are increasing each day. More than 300 billion emails are sent every day. And the return on investment? Try more than $35 for every dollar spent. Nothing beats it.

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FocusedCRE is a fully remote commercial real estate marketing agency, built to collaborate beyond the walls of a traditional studio. We offer the industry a one-of-a-kind outsourcing solution for all your marketing needs, giving you the flexibility you deserve.

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Attracting talent from various locations across the United States, we form cohesive real estate digital marketing teams that complement your strengths. From our communication to our development infrastructure, FocusedCRE is designed for close collaboration with distributed teams — including yours.

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We don’t pretend to have expertise in every field. Our combination of 30+ years experience lies directly within the commercial real estate industry, and this allows you to have a one-of-a-kind marketing solution that is built upon trust and confidence.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing For Real Estate

We know how the best email campaigns work, in their strategy, execution and timing. We know how to write the headlines that grab attention and how to craft email products that build your brand and establish you as the expert. The customers are out there waiting for your emails to find them. We’ll work with you to make that happen.



Why does real estate need email marketing?

  • Research says that 92% of realtors use email to communicate with their clients, and 93% use email marketing daily. The bottom line: email marketing for real estate is the best tool for real estate agents who want to engage their audience. In real estate marketing we say: Always Be Closing by using email marketing to grab leads, brand yourself, grow relationships and stay top of mind with email campaigns. Automated email marketing for real estate projects can be more straightforward that you realize.

Email Marketing for Real Estate Sample

  • Real estate agents should understand that email marketing is one of the best ways to attract leads, engage clients, close sales, and get repeat business. If you want to streamline the process using tried and true methods, use real estate email templates. In this piece, you’ll learn more about them and see the 14 top email templates for real estate that can help you.
  • Send your subscribers an email that outlines the newest properties that you have listed. In a email marketing for real estate sample you can include updates to previous listings, closed deals or if you hire new teammates you can put them on this list too. Make sure you include pertinent information like the location, number of bedrooms and baths, and the square footage. You can also add links that direct the client to your site to explore the property in greater detail.
  • With more than two decades of experience among our team members, our real estate marketing strategies and real estate marketing materials continue to help our clients achieve their goals.

Real Estate Email to Clients

  • Communicating with your clients should not be daunting. Email marketing in real estate is a sure proof strategy to connect with your clients. Our experienced work generates templates and can help you come up with scripts you may need as sellers. Real estate email marketing services is the way to go when you need to set up these new strategies.
  • Emails to potential buyers is a great way to communicate your properties and services. Buyers who are looking for real estate agents or potential buyers can benefit from your email marketing services. Our real estate email marketing tool is straightforward and ensures you communicate what you are hoping to.

Automated Email Marketing for Real Estate

  • Automating your email marketing is a seamless process your digital marketing specialist should be able to help you with. Automated services can include newsletters, digital marketing, marketing materials, or any type of messaging you may prefer. If you access our portfolio, you can see several examples of marketing materials that can translate well into email marketing for real estate. As a fully remote marketing agency that focuses on real estate marketing needs, we have experience with email marketing, automated email, as well as newsletters and other marketing collateral. Even if you are unsure how to start, outsourcing a real estate marketing agency is a good first step.

Real Estate Email Newsletter Service

  • Real Estate Newsletters are one of the many services we include in our email marketing offerings. Some tips on what to include in your real estate newsletter includes: Local business openings/closings. As a real estate agent you are a community expert and you want to include
  • Market data, Commentary on other blogs, Business announcements, and any relevant tip or trick you may have in regard to real estate email marketing examples. In your newsletter or email marketing make sure you produce good content. Make sure your content is engaging and useful by establish branding, keeping content brief, informative, but not too salesy. Make sure to be brief and include photos and graphics. Real estate email marketing examples are relatively easy to find quick a quick online search.

Real Estate Email Marketing Software

Email Marketing Software Instructions

  • Finding an email marketing software can seem daunting, but there are many options that can help you decide the best platform for you with a quick search online. Depending on the frequency of your email sends as well as the number of emails in your recipient list, Mailchimp or Constant Contact may be a good place to start your research.
  • Real estate email marketing software help you getresponse. Mailchimp is a great example of a real estate marketing software. Additionally, Constant Contact is a different option where constant contact pricing is transparent on their website and constant contact templates are where you can find constant contact examples. When it comes to email marketing, constant contact for realtors is a great option to find templates and implement email marketing strategy.
  • Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps you manage and talk to your clients, customers, and other interested parties. Our approach to marketing focuses on healthy contact management practices, beautifully designed campaigns, and powerful data analysis.
  • Constant Contact is an affordable and easy-to-use email marketing tool that lets you create email marketing templates, automate and manage campaigns, build contact lists, and nurture customer relationships. Constant Contact has two professional design service options; with and without consultation. “Without consultation” is the option to have a template created for you, based on basic best practices, with colors and images brought over from your website.
  • Using Constant Contant you can create beautifully branded emails fast with drag-and-drop editing with hundreds of templates and greater flexibility to help you send beautiful emails - fast. Pricing is transparent and easily accessible on their website.

Real Estate Email Marketing Templates

  • All email marketing software comes with email templates that are ready to be used. As simple as dragging and dropping, the templates are tailored to whatever topic you are looking to talk about. In commercial real estate, the templates are flexible, you can choose whichever one showcases your properties the best. Not all email marketing tools have drip email templates but they are fairly easy to build once you have an established strategy.
  • When it comes to real estate email marketing templates, email marketing software comes with buyer lead email templates as well as real estate drip email templates. You can learn more about drip campaigns below. Additionally, commercial real estate email templates are great for new listing emails and state email templates free. In the wholesale real estate email template arena there are also options you can easily fill in using drag and drop templates.
  • Emails are a great way to communicate your new listings or the deals you have just closed. With consistent communication via email, you recipient list will strengthen and organically segment into the topics they wish to learn more about. For example if you have emails about retail property as well as industrial properties, you may see engagement building around both of those specific topics; who is clicking on industrial vs. retail. This is important to keep your lists nurtured in the relevant topics.
  • Real estate email templates free are free in the email platform. Not only will you find templates that are easy to use for commercial real estate, but you will also find wholesale real estate email templates as well. Easy to use and navigate, these templates are great for starting campaigns from scratch.

Real Estate Email Marketing Statistics

  • Traffic from email campaigns has an average conversion rate of 4.29%, which is higher than the averages for traffic from search, direct and social media, according to WordStream. What are the 2021 email marketing trends? From plain-text emails and newsletters to social integration for hyper-personalization, these are the top email marketing trends that will dominate our inboxes in 2021 and heading to 2022. Many brands adjusted their strategy to digitally interact and communicate with their customers throughout the global pandemic. As a result, email marketing received an unexpected boost, and new email trends emerged.
  • While this is unquestionably wonderful news, especially with the increase in email newsletter engagement, we must proceed with caution! To keep up with the competition and nail your email marketing plan, you must remain on top of the current trends. Real estate emails to clients are just a great way to be at top of mind with clients and prospects.
  • Top trends from 2020 going into 2021 in B2B email marketing include: Include user-generated content, se AI for optimization, newsletters have long been regarded as the foundation of every email marketing plan. Emails, on the other hand, have evolved into more than just a conversion tool. They also let you tell stories, offer business insights, and communicate with your audience to show that you care. Did you know your email marketing specialist can help with real estate email scripts for sellers as well? That is why outsourcing is so convenient for this type of project. These scripts and templates help with email to potential buyers.
  • Real estate email marketing statistics are available with a quick online search. When it comes to average open rate for email marketing 2021, the numbers vary but stay around 23%.  In the B2B email marketing benchmarks (2020), we started to see a steady increase in engagement as the pandemic shifted the way businesses communicated. By the time B2B email marketing benchmarks (2021) came around we saw more of what we are experiencing today in 2022. Email marketing benchmarks by industry 2020 are significantly different than what we see in email marketing benchmarks by industry 2021 and email marketing benchmarks by industry 2022.
  • What we found for email marketing statistics 2021 we start to see higher open and click rates, but not necessarily conversion rate where real estate marketing trends 2021 and real estate marketing ideas 2022 see much more conversion rates aligned with click to open rates.
  • When tracking email marketing ROI, there are a ton of factors to consider. Email marketing practices, and results, vary based on a number of factors. Everything from the time and day of the week to your email subject line can determine whether the email campaigns you send is opened and will drive the desired action. Average open rate benchmark in 2022 is 21.9% while click rate benchmark in 2022 is 3.35%.

Best Time To Send Real Estate Emails

  • When setting up an email marketing strategy for the first time, you do not have data to know if Wednesday’s will do better than Sundays. If the last 2 years have taught us anything, specially from 2021 trends, we need to go by trial and error for at least 90 days to compile data specific to your recipient list. You will not know what the best time to send an email and get a response will be until you have a couple of months of content under your belt.
  • Once you have sent out that many emails, you will start seeing trends in regard to open and click rates. This will be important for scheduling emails moving forward. While it is best to generate data specific to your recipient list, we are also including some data from 2021 trends and best practices to keep at top of mind.
  • According to Constant Contact the three best days to send out emails are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Data analysed from 10 different studies indicated that Tuesday reigns supreme for shooting out marketing emails. Emails sent on Tuesday have the maximum number of open rates, resulting in a better CTR and higher site traffic.
  • The question of when is the best time to send real estate emails is a very common theme for any industry. What you find in regard to best time to send email 2021 was Tuesday and Thursday but best time to send emails on Wednesday is now higher on the list. Surprisingly, best time to send email on Sunday and best time to send emails on Monday is rising in trends compared to best time to send email on Tuesday. Finally, when looking at best time to send an email to get a response, the data really depends on your individual recipient list.

 Real Estate Drip Campaign Content

  • Drip Campaign is a series of automated emails sent to people who take a specific action. For any given action, you can choose how many emails to send and the rate at which to send them. These emails can be personalized with data like the contact's name and specific references to the action they took. Drip marketing is simply sending a limited number of emails to your audience automatically, on a set timing, based on actions they take or changes in their status. Businesses use drip marketing to keep in touch with an audience—in a personalized and targeted way—following important actions or dates.
  • Automated real estate drip campaigns and real estate drip campaign scripts are really at top of mind for all industries. When looking at top real estate drip campaigns the follow up and response depends on the specific real estate drip campaign content. In a real estate drip campaign sample you can see from 5 – 30 different emails scheduled out over 6 months or so. Free real estate drip email campaigns are available if you look for them online. Finally, when thinking about unique real estate marketing ideas we discuss more options below.
  • One of the most common and recognized email drip campaign scripts for commercial real estate businesses are sending emails if you have clicked on a campaign call to action button. These emails are triggered when a contact adds items to their virtual cart, and then leaves your site without purchasing those items.
  • In addition to drip campaigns, some unique real estate marketing ideas include start marketing to “unconventional” buyers, check out NextDoor for real estate leads, r un contests, polls, and Q&As on Instagram. Creating a website, running a blog, developing email marketing techniques, and paying for advertising on Google Ads are all known marketing strategies in both residential and commercial real estate. But 2022 is going to change the way a lot of these tactics are being used. Now more than ever, a real estate business is about who you connect with. And your real estate marketing plan has to be able to connect you with people digitally.
  • When it comes to real estate marketing tools, consider a Customer Relationship Management suite, a website that integrates with the MLS system, automated email marketing services, and chatbots. Anything that can streamline and automate your client connections is a good thing.

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