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Map Builder

Most real estate agents at one time or another will use a map to tell a story. Maps are essential to a successful real estate campaign. FocusedCRE can help our clients navigate the world of map building. We all think of a map as something that conveys a location. What if a map was more than that? What if a map created a feeling and actually was an active contributor to your project?

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FocusedCRE is a fully remote commercial real estate marketing agency, built to collaborate beyond the walls of a traditional studio. We offer the industry a one-of-a-kind outsourcing solution for all your marketing needs, giving you the flexibility you deserve.

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Marketing Agency

Attracting talent from various locations across the United States, we form cohesive real estate digital marketing teams that complement your strengths. From our communication to our development infrastructure, FocusedCRE is designed for close collaboration with distributed teams — including yours.

Custom Mapping

Custom Mapping

Everyone in commercial real estate knows location is everything, and everyone in commercial real estate – sellers and buyers alike – values a map that illustrates all the finer points of a given location. The best sellers can pitch the benefits of a site’s location until their throats go hoarse and writers can describe the details in copy that dazzles, but nothing beats a smartly constructed map.

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Website Development

Our industry expertise and focus makes the web development process an enjoyable one. Whether you are looking for a modern website, something more traditional & conservative, or something unique, we are here with you every step of the way to make this hugely important project a successful one.


Map Builder

Most real estate agents at one time or another will use a map to tell a story. Maps are essential to a successful real estate campaign. FocusedCRE can help our clients navigate the world of map building. We all think of a map as something that conveys a location. What if a map was more than that? What if a map created a feeling and actually was an active contributor to your project. There are many map builder programs that can help you build stylish maps. City map maker allows you to build maps that look interesting and custom made. There are various fantasy map creator free programs out there. They can build every kind of fantasy world map you would want. Often time real estate agents would like to create a map that is not just for showing a location, but to create a feeling, and for décor in advertising. There are map maker online programs that create your standard map. Map maker online free programs do exist. FocusedCRE can help you find just the right map with just the right feel. Random map generator creates maps randomly mainly for the video game world and not necessarily used for real estate maps. World map creator and world map creator come in many different program types and styles and abilities to create maps from various perspectives. The real estate agent who might want a different style map might be overwhelmed with the hundreds of choices out there. FocusedCRE can take your idea and create a custom map that will be a perfect fit for your project. A conversation with FocusedCRE will actually save you money, you may see free map creators all over the internet, but believe me you will spend hours of your precious time trying to create a map when FocusedCRE can navigate and get you the map you need for less money and time. There are many world map maker options out there, let FocusedCRE help you with all the options.

Fantasy Map Builder

Fantasy map builder programs are not usually thought for real estate design. Fantasy map builders can immediately take the average modern day looking map and turn it into a map that looks like it came from years ago. Just think of how your map could look vintage style faded into the background to create texture. One of the better fantasy map builder programs out there is azgaar’s fantasy map generator this is a fantasy map generator free. This map builder will allow you to create a custom map. Worldbuilding map generator allows you to create vintage maps from unique perspectives. Donjon map generator is another map generator that creates interesting world maps, once again these maps would delight many a real estate marketing piece. You can create a fictional map online free by simply googling map maker. Map maker dnd is a whole world of map making that creates a very specialized maps that probably do not have much to do with real estate design. Many worldbuilding map generator (s) exist obviously some of them would take real estate design to the next level, and some would be a hindrance. Let FocusedCRE help you navigate your map world and create you a unique map to fit your marketing piece.

Map Builder GTA 5

What is map builder gta 5? If you google this terminology you will discover that it is a map builder that allows you to use 3D objects. This is a rather interesting idea some practical uses for it could be creating a map that might pop objects out. You can easily google map builder gta 5 latest version to download the map builder download software. This will allow you to navigate map builder gta5 install access. Once you have this program downloaded and installed on your computer you will have access to hours of 3d map building time.  Map builder gta 5 mediafıre allows you take create high resolution maps 3d maps. Map builder gta 5 oiv is a multi-purpose editor and archive manager for this particular map builder program. Map builder mod is more of this map builder program it allows you to create blocks, terrain, walls, ceilings, floors, foundations, and windows. You can google map builder gta 5 download, to be able to download and once you have done that you can click the map builder gta 5 install option. Once again you could spend hours and hours researching maps and discover that some map building programs are not suitable for the marketing world. FocusedCRE knows maps and knows that our clients like their map to pop out and not just function as an ugly associate in your marketing piece. Just like the gaming world has stepped up their game in the game world we have stepped up our game in the map making world.


We will dive just a little more in-depth into the gaming world and talk about inkarnate. Did you know you can download fantasy map builder free programs? What is inkarnate and what are inkarnate maps? Inkarnate is a online map making platform that lets you create and manage fantasy maps. Inkarnate download is very easy and simple to follow. You can find a lot of pictures and information by simply google inkarnate instagram for many hours of inspiration. While this type of design is very specific to the gaming world one might be able to draw some inspiration for making real estate maps, this is very limited in how it could be applied to real estate design. Inkarnate pro free no longer really exists you can create a free account but you will not have access to all the features of the pro edition. Inkarnate alternatives do exists, but it seems that inkarnate is the best. You find all kinds of free information and free hacks by googling in inkarnate reddit. Inkarnate stamps allows you to create a fog or mist or some other transparency over your map or object. This can create a very unique looking map (google rpg map maker). Inkarnate vs wonderdraft they are very similar however wonderdraft cannot do dungeons. FocusedCRE has taken the time to research maps and we know our business. We can help you not to chase rabbit trails and have you ending up researching maps in the gaming world. We can help you create a unique map that will do its job and look fabulous.

Map Builder Free

Everyone of us have thought wow wouldn’t it be nice to create a something for free. Often times that seems like a good idea, but believe me spending a little money by using FocusedCRE will end up in amazing results. With that being said there are many map builder free programs that you can find on google. These map maker programs will give you many options to customize your map, these are difficult to navigate. The google map maker program seems simple at first but it has so many features it is hard to get the map you are trying to make come out just right. FocusedCRE can take your crazy map vision and create it to have just the right feel. Even simple map maker programs can have complex customizable features. From world map generator programs to rng map maker program, FocusedCRE can help you navigate the crazy world of map making and how it applies to the real estate agent and marketing. Map making is truly an art, often times in real estate design the map is slapped on without styling and purpose. The map can be a important piece in the marketing strategy for any marketing piece.

Map Builder D&D

Map builder d&d maker has nothing to do with real estate. Dnd maps pertains to the dungeon video game world. However, when you are researching unique maps you are bound to come across d&d battle map maker programs and dungeon map maker programs, and fantasy map generator. These are usually used for the gaming world. You will even find d&d map maker free programs. These d&d maps are truly for the gaming world. Some real estate agents, will draw some inspiration from these dungeon map maker programs, just for the simple fact over their vivid and bright colors. Realtors will find much more use in typing in free map maker and finding some that is more practical for the real estate world. 3d maps of this nature really would not fit into most marketing pieces. Worldbuilding map generator programs can create interesting maps for use in the design world for real estate.

Google Map Builder

FocusedCRE creates maps using a variety of google maps. From your basic google map builder program to your more sophisticated snazzy maps. All of these will create excellent google maps for your marketing project. Snazzy maps has many customizable features but it will take a while to figure out. FocusedCRE has figured out how to use snazzy maps we can create you a custom map that will be sure to bring the right kind of attention to your marketing project. Google even has a quick builder google maps option that will allow you to not to have to go through all the steps in creating maps. The my maps feature is basically google maps that will allow you to create custom maps that you can share with other map users. The my maps even has a fancier my maps app that will allow you to create maps at your fingertips. Google maps api gives you the tools and abilities to put a google map right onto your own site. Google maps platform is a tool box of API’s and SDKs these allow you to embed google maps into websites and mobile apps. If you are reading this and you have gotten this far you can see how complicated the map world really is. It is not as easy as one might think. FocusedCRE has been down many map paths. We have tried many map programs. We know what works and doesn’t work. Instead of spending your valuable time trying to figure out what works and doesn’t let FocusedCRE help you.

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