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If commercial real estate newsletters aren’t a part of your digital marketing strategy, you are missing a key marketing opportunity. More than three-fourths of business-to-business marketers say newsletters are their most used form of content marketing. Nearly a third say the platform is the best way to generate leads. In the information age, when everyone is seeking an information advantage, newsletters are an essential tool.

But let’s be clear: Like every other part of your business, newsletters only work when done well. It’s more than a box to check. Newsletters professionally produced, newsletters that offer users valuable information they can’t get anywhere else, build your brand, grow your audience and draw customers. Newsletters poorly put together accomplish the opposite, diminishing your brand and potentially repelling customers.

It starts with a strategy. Know your audience, know your message and know when and how to deliver it. But it’s more than strategy. The name of the game is to deliver valuable information about the market, present the information in smartly crafted stories that lure readers and keep their attention and then package it in an attractive format that readers simply can’t help but read. Showcasing properties and providing links to help prospects learn about key events is another fundamental component.

Few marketing options rival the efficiency, low cost, proven value and high return on investment of a sharp newsletter. Put in the right hands, a newsletter will establish you as a market leader. Turn to people who know commercial real estate and know the art of making a newsletter that customers consider indispensable. They will regard your company in the same way.

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