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Offering Memorandum Templates

With thousands of OMs under our belt, we have created several templates available for purchase that will showcase your property to its best potential.

Creating an offering memorandum for your company doesn’t have to be hard, but it should be well designed within your brand and showcase your client’s property to its full potential. FocusedCRE has created several offering memorandum templates, all offering various aspects of what we see most commonly in an OM.

Even if you just have a property address and basic property highlights, you can still create a nice offering memorandum showcasing the property and surrounding area. Grab your aerials from Google Earth, get some demographic data from Site To Do Business, roll up your sleeves and do some location overview research from verified web sources and you’ll be impressing your client in no time.

Our templates are great for the novice InDesign user as we have kept everything in one layer and did not use master page functions. Everything is placed exactly where you need it, just swap the logo and change the colors and you’ll have a branded template in no time.

Not Sure You Can Handle on Your Own?

We are here to help you create engaging, effective and stunning commercial real estate websites and marketing materials – all with friendly, honest and transparent service. Reach out to schedule a call!

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