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Real Estate Website Builder

When it comes to commercial real estate website design, your website is often the first impression that a real estate investor or buyer gets of your business. You need to make sure that this first impression is a good one. The website needs to be designed in such a way that it reflects the professionalism and credibility.

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FocusedCRE is a fully remote commercial real estate marketing agency, built to collaborate beyond the walls of a traditional studio. We offer the industry a one-of-a-kind outsourcing solution for all your marketing needs, giving you the flexibility you deserve.

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Marketing Agency

Commercial Real Estate
Marketing Agency

Attracting talent from various locations across the United States, we form cohesive real estate digital marketing teams that complement your strengths. From our communication to our development infrastructure, FocusedCRE is designed for close collaboration with distributed teams — including yours.

Marketing Solutions

Commercial Real Estate
Marketing Solutions

We don’t pretend to have expertise in every field. Our combination of 30+ years experience lies directly within the commercial real estate industry, and this allows you to have a one-of-a-kind marketing solution that is built upon trust and confidence.

Website Development

Commercial Real Estate
Website Development

Our industry expertise and focus makes the web development process an enjoyable one. Whether you are looking for a modern website, something more traditional & conservative, or something unique, we are here with you every step of the way to make this hugely important project a successful one.


Real Estate Website Builder

When it comes to commercial real estate website design, your website is often the first impression that a real estate investor or buyer gets of your business. You need to make sure that this first impression is a good one. The website needs to be designed in such a way that it reflects the professionalism and credibility.

In order to have a successful commercial real estate website, you need to have all the necessary information on your site. This includes agent image, contact information, listings and other relevant details about their services and properties. A commercial real estate website builder is a great way to help agents and landlords get their properties online in an easy way. They can also help with branding, marketing, attracting new tenants, and getting the property online in an easy way.  But for companies who are too busy to build their own website, we have the tools to provide your company with a website that caters to your clients and properties.  A real estate company website is the most important tool you can have to not only showcase your company, but also bring attention to your properties.  FocusedCRE is compiled of the best real estate website designers.  We have years of experience creating dynamic commercial real estate websites, and offer luxury real estate website design.  Why use  free real estate website design templates online, when we can design custom real estate websites to suit your business needs?  Visit our website development page to see some of the best real estate website design we have to offer.  We specialize in real estate website development, and will prove to you why our custom built sites are better than using a generic and unexciting real estate free website builder.  We pride ourselves in being the best real estate website builder!

Your companies website should provides information about commercial properties. It is important for the site to have information about the property, the company, and your team. The most important thing is it should have an agent image on it. This will show potential clients who they will be working with if they contact you. The design of the site should be professional and clean with no distractions or fancy animations. Your site will be done in accordance with your needs and budget.  FocusedCRE has years of experience being the best website builder for real estate investors.

Your commercial real estate website is the first impression for potential clients. It should be designed in a way that it provides all the information about the company and makes it easy for people to find out more about the company. The design of a commercial real estate website should be done by an experienced marketing agency such as FocusedCRE, as they are aware of what kind of design will appeal to their target audience. The landing page should also be optimized for search engines, so that people can find them easily when they search for something related to commercial real estate.

Property Management Website Builder

Property management websites are websites which are specifically designed to help property managers and landlords manage their rental properties.  Our websites provide information on the property and its tenants. It is used by landlords to advertise their properties and for tenants to find a suitable place to live.

FocusedCRE is a property management website builder who can build a site that does the following:

-Managing all the properties under one roof

-Helps landlords and tenants communicate with each other

-Helps landlords manage their properties more efficiently

-Provides a platform for tenants to find the perfect home for themselves

It is important for landlords to have a website as it will help them with advertising their properties, finding new tenants, and keeping in contact with current ones. Tenants also benefit from having access to these websites as it helps them find properties and get in touch with landlords.  We understand this, and that's why we are the best website builder for property management.  There are free property management website out there, but why would you waste time trying to force a generic template to showcase your brand when we can design one for you?  We understand property management software, and what a company needs in order to integrate that information into their website.  Some property management software providers offer free website builders that are integrated with the application so you can have one central place for convenience. We understand what needs to be considered with property management website content and property management website development.  We can provide you with property management website examples in order to help you make the best decision on your overall design.  We can also work with you on designing  property management website templates for property management websites so you have more control over your own site.

Best Websites For Real Estate Agents

Commercial real estate agents are responsible for the marketing and selling of properties. They need to find clients, advertise their properties, and manage negotiations. In order to do this, they need a website that will help them with all these tasks.  That's where we come in!  FocusedCRE designs the best websites for real estate agents.  We have the best real estate agent websites 2022 and beyond!  With our talented team of web developers, we are the best website builder for real estate agents you will find.  We know commercial real estate, and we know the specialized needs of that industry.  You have the option to go with agencies that offer cheap real estate websites that are not efficient nor visually appealing, but why wouldn't you take advantage of a group such as FocusedCRE that can make your brand shine?  We can design and manage your site, or we can design real estate agent website templates that are the best in the industry.  Why not go with one of our real estate brokerage website rather than using an online real estate website builder?

The top 100 real estate websites are those that provide a range of different services from SEO optimization to landing pages. They also have an IDX integration which helps them to rank higher on search engines.

It doesn't matter how much you know about real estate. What matters is that you have the right tools to market your services. The best websites for real estate agents are those that provide all the necessary information to get started and help them succeed in growing their business. There are many website types, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Some are great lead generators, but not great for closing deals. That's why it's important to hire a knowledgeable team like ours.

Real Estate Website Builder WordPress

WordPress is an open-source, website builder for real estate. With a WordPress real estate website, you can create a professional looking website. There are many WordPress real estate website examples to chose from, and many WordPress real estate theme free, but FocusedCRE can easily custom design an efficient and visually appealing site for your company.  Though WordPress has a huge library of themes and templates to choose from, we can take the stress out of sorting through templates to find your company match. A theme is the overall design and style of your website. It includes colors, fonts, layout and other features like header images or slider images. A template is a pre-built design for your site’s pages which includes the content areas and layout on each page.  We are the best website builder for real estate, and we can save you time and aggravation by creating a stunning website custom build for your specified needs.  You can find WordPress real estate theme free online, but it can seem like a daunting task to create and entire website.  This is what we do, and we can take the stress out of trying to create in real estate website builder WordPress.

Real Estate Website With Idx And Crm

Some savvy real estate companies are in need of a real estate brokerage website that specializes in commercial real estate. The website needs to showcase the company's idx and cam, which are company lead generators.  FocusedCRE specializes in marketing and website development for the commercial real estate industry. We can create a state-of-the-art website that showcases your idx website and real estate website crm, which will be successful lead generators for your company.

We create real estate websites for a real estate brokerage that showcase idx. Our custom sites showcase your listings and provide information about your company, and provides real estate crm and lead generation. We create dynamic real estate websites with idx and crm, as lead generation is an important element for sites.

The site uses idx, which is a commercial real estate database that has information about the properties in it. It also allows users to search by city, state or zip code. The site also has a section where you can search by type of property like apartments, office space, etc. There is also a section that lists some of the brokers and agents at the company and allows you to contact them directly through email.

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