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27 Jun


It may seem that anyone you engage with recently is invested in optimizing their digital presence. If that sounds accurate, it is because according to Bloomberg, more than 70% of businesses are focusing their budget and attention to their digital transformation since 2022. This is no different in the commercial real estate world.

Whether you’re an owner or you’re in charge of marketing, you’ll have a laundry list of things to do to ensure you are up to date on the latest digital best practices. Between countless meetings, shifting priorities, and a growing heap of paperwork (although, we hope you’re more or less paperless by now), it can be difficult to commit to something like content marketing – and even more difficult to do it well.

For some, content marketing is a few blogs here and there. The odd press release, maybe. Perhaps even an infographic once every four years or so. This kind of unstrategic, impersistent, lackluster approach is the reason why so many businesses miss out on their true potential. It’s why so many businesses fall short, digitally.

At the end of your fiscal year, how do you ensure you are meeting your goals? While it may seem simple, having a consistent and strong content marketing strategy is the answer of a problem you didn’t know is impacting you the way it is.

Why content marketing?

Content marketing is the key to today’s fast-paced digital world. It is the way you talk to your audience and give them avenues through which they can find you. With more than 15 years developing and implementing content and digital strategy for our commercial real estate clients nationwide, here are our top 4 reasons why it is beneficial for you to outsource your content marketing:

#1 You’ll attract new traffic

If you optimize your blogs for relevant keywords and you share them on various social media platforms, your reach will improve and you’ll have a far greater chance of ranking highly on search engines. It’s your best chance to break through to new audiences.

#2 You’ll learn who to market to

Content marketing is a great way to learn which audiences are for you and which ones are not. A vital part of a campaign is developing buyer personas – these will give you invaluable insights into who you want to target.

#3 Your competition is probably doing it already

At the very least, if your competitors are sending personalized emails out, you have some catching up to do. If they’re publishing blog content regularly, sharing good-looking videos (of theirs), or even putting on industry events, you’re in trouble.

#4 You’ll generate leads

Your ultimate goal, despite how much we content marketers go on about awareness-building, is getting more qualified leads. It’s all part of the same process, after all!

Why you should outsource your content marketing

You’ll save time

Time is a precious commodity, and it is overwhelming to think about how to prioritize. You may have paperwork or strategic items on your to-do list, which leaves very little time to focus on content. Outsourcing is the perfect way to fill that gap.

You’ll be better at keeping up with industry updates

When you’re busy sorting the day-to-day stuff it’s hard to look ahead and make true progress. Keeping tabs on industry-related updates, as well as technological developments inevitably falls off the radar of priorities.

You’ll get an outsider’s point of view

Tunnel vision is inevitable when you are so close to your projects and business. Although nobody will know your business as well as you do, an outsourced agency can offer invaluable outside perspective on its area of expertise.

You’ll have access to real expertise

You could hire an intern who writes fairly well and can recrate your existing OM templates and call it a day. However, you would be missing out on  90% of your brand’s potential here.

By hiring an agency with years of experience specifically on commercial real estate marketing, you get targeted and seasoned content and designs.

Staff turnover won’t harm your marketing

The Great Resignation has hit every single corner of the globe, and it continues to shift the way teams are handling their day-to-day. By outsourcing your marketing you are reassured that you can focus on your company priorities and the agency ensures the content keeps flowing.

With all this being said, FocusedCRE has been handling outsourced marketing for clients nationwide since 2017. Read more about our offerings or let’s connect to see how we can help you outsource your brand today.

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