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The backbone of your CRE marketing strategy
11 Aug

The backbone of your CRE marketing strategy

Last quarter, more than 20 of our esteemed clients entrusted us with updating their brands to thrive in today's competitive market. With interests shifting, and budgets changing, we understand the importance of adapting and evolving to meet the demands of our clients.

When it comes to transforming a brand's image and marketing strategy, the results speak louder than words. One of our esteemed clients, Chris Carmen, CEO of CARMEN Commercial Real Estate, attests to the impact of our services. He shares, "Working with FocusedCRE was a game-changer for us. Their expertise and dedication brought a fresh perspective to our marketing efforts, and the results have been outstanding."

We understand that a solid marketing plan is the backbone of any successful commercial real estate venture. In this article, we delve into the key components of a comprehensive marketing strategy, exploring how it can guide businesses towards effectively reaching their target audience, drive sales, and foster lasting customer relationships.

From creating an impressive first impression with a cutting-edge website to harnessing the power of targeted social media marketing and revitalizing print materials, we believe in leaving no stone unturned when it comes to elevating your brand's presence in the market. Moreover, we delve into the significance of consistent branding and messaging, ensuring that your company's story resonates with your audience and builds brand recognition.

As highlighted by HubSpot, marketing is the driving force behind convincing your target audience to embrace your product or service, ultimately resulting in revenue generation. However, embarking on marketing endeavors without a strategy is akin to heading into battle unarmed.

A well-structured marketing plan aligns company objectives, identifies the target market and its segments, determines the optimal mix of marketing channels, and establishes a framework to achieve desired goals. In the realm of commercial real estate, it is essential to unite the entire team around common marketing goals, strategies, and values. This unity fosters consistent messaging and enhances the ability to cater to customers and leads effectively.

Let’s look at the top 4 components of a strong CRE Marketing Strategy:
Corporate Branding Kit

A corporate identity kit is how you communicate that promise. Leading business strategists explain branding is about emotionally connecting customers to the business. Corporate identity is about the appearance that business presents to the world and itself.

Just as is the case with branding, there are no shortcuts. Your business reputation will be built based on what you do and how you operate, not on how polished your materials look. But people who see the larger picture know that a strong, powerful corporate identity is not a substitute for doing good business but a message that this business takes its identity and its work seriously.

That is the type of business upon which customers know they can rely.

A corporate identity audit is the first step in figuring out where you stand. Look at everything that carries your company’s name – everything online, from your website to email signatures, and everything printed, from the sign on the front door to invoices, not only the fonts but color schemes and everything else associated with your business. Are these things consistent? Do they drive home a message about your company?

Numerous strategies exist to ensure a successful marketing campaign, but one of the most vital aspects is the establishment of a compelling and professional commercial real estate website. This website serves as the initial point of contact for potential customers and must leave a lasting positive impression.

Leveraging websites and blogs is an effective way to build a strong professional profile. Regularly publishing insightful articles about property and relevant changes within the location on a blog dedicated to supporting the professional profile can lead to higher search engine rankings and increased visibility in the market.

Email Marketing and Social Media Strategy

Email marketing continues to be a part of successful commercial real estate marketing campaigns. It offers a direct and personalized approach to engage with potential clients and existing customers. Crafting compelling email content, such as property updates, market insights, and exclusive offers, can keep your audience informed and interested in your services. Additionally, email marketing allows for segmentation, enabling you to tailor messages according to different client preferences and behaviors.

Whether it's nurturing leads, promoting new properties, or providing valuable industry information, an effective email marketing strategy can enhance your brand's visibility, build trust, and drive conversions.

The prevalence of social media usage among different generations is significant, with a majority of millennials and Gen Xers actively engaged on various platforms. A well-thought-out social media strategy tailored to the target audience is essential for success, as the abundance of options can otherwise render considerable efforts fruitless. Customized real estate social media marketing can yield meaningful results and foster community engagement.

Updating your Print Marketing

While digital marketing is prevalent, print marketing remains effective when deployed wisely. Creativity is key when designing real estate flyers, incorporating compelling visuals, aerial maps, and location-based information about nearby businesses and amenities to pique potential customers' interest. Additionally, newsletters, postcards, and property signs can be potent tools in the marketing arsenal.

Going along with this, we recognize the significance of other print materials in your marketing arsenal. Newsletters allow you to communicate with your existing clientele regularly, sharing market updates and valuable industry insights. Postcards can serve as effective direct mail pieces, reaching potential clients directly in their mailboxes and creating personalized connections. Property signs play a pivotal role in increasing visibility and generating interest from passersby, making them a valuable on-site marketing tool.

Blending the strengths of both digital and print marketing, ensures that your commercial real estate marketing campaign reaches a wider audience and leaves a lasting impression on potential customers.

The Importance of Consistent Branding

In the realm of commercial real estate marketing, consistency in messaging and branding is of paramount importance. Successful branding entails presenting a cohesive narrative based on the company's story, creating brand appeal, and establishing recognition throughout all marketing efforts. Beyond merely distributing flyers and maintaining an active social media presence, it is about weaving all marketing elements together to tell a compelling brand story.

By implementing a well-structured marketing plan, leveraging digital and print platforms strategically, and maintaining consistent branding, commercial real estate businesses can effectively engage their target audience, enhance visibility, and achieve their desired goals.

At FocusedCRE, we pride ourselves on being the backbone of your CRE marketing strategy. With over 20 esteemed clients witnessing the transformation of their brands just this quarter, we understand the evolving demands of the competitive market. Our CEO, Chelsea Brown, leads our team with dedication and expertise, ensuring that every client's marketing efforts yield outstanding results.

Our commitment to fostering consistent branding ensures that your company's story resonates with your audience, creating brand appeal and recognition. We unite your entire team around common marketing goals and strategies, enabling consistent messaging and effective customer engagement.

Are you ready to elevate your commercial real estate marketing strategy? Let us be your partner in success. Contact us today to explore our templates and customized marketing solutions that will amplify your brand's presence in the market. Join the ranks of satisfied clients. Together, we will drive your business towards reaching its full potential in the competitive landscape of commercial real estate.

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