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Fall Strategies for your CRE Marketing
15 Sep

Fall Strategies for your CRE Marketing

We are all ready to leave the summer behind us and welcome the fall season. Weather you are a part of a colorful, and conspicuous fall, or a more muted and transition less one, the fall is the perfect season to think about some fresh ideas in your marketing strategy.

Our CEO, Chelsea Brown, shares:

“As our recurring clients come to us for ideas, we are mindful that the end Q4 is looming by. The fall is really the last push we are able to take advantage of before the holiday season overpowers everything and everyone’s time.”

Keeping in mind what our fall strategies have done for our clients in the past, we have rounded up some ideas to help you update or even redesign your upcoming CRE Marketing Strategy:

A fresh theme

By now you have hopefully been following our weekly blog publications where we recurringly share tips on how to ensure your properties stand out. If you have not, make sure to check them out here. While we love working on all aspects of our clients’ marketing strategy, we have tried narrowing down the topics every month to break everything down into digestible topics.

With most of the year behind us, if you have a strategy that is working well, or one that you would like to be producing a stronger traffic, a fresh theme is a good way to promote existing content. What does that mean?

Your website

Injecting fall-like design aspects into your hero image or even a pop-up banner keeps your website looking updated and fresh. We do not imply that you need to add acorns or colored leaves, but even just a subtle touch of fall colors to your current website will help make your existing content pop and distinguish itself from last month’s homepage view.

Your social media posts

While you may have some social media templates that work well, it does not take a lot to add a touch of fall to them. Even if you are steering clear from holiday mottos, the same recommendation as the tip above applies: add details in the fall color palette to distinguish this and next month’s content from the previous ones.

Seasonal Topics & Best Practices

Football, pumpkin spice lattes, and colorful leaves are just some of the buzzwords we take advantage of in the fall season. Use this opportunity to bring up your anecdotal experience in these areas. Do you have experience selling or negotiating a sale during a busy football-packed weekend? Use this time to highlight your strengths and wins that position you as a subject matter expert in the area.

Are there any local businesses you have worked with or represented that go all out in the fall?  Use this relationship to tag them and engage with them on social media and talk about what they are all about and what your involvement with them was.

Have you overcome any obstacles or learned any industry lessons based on these busy fall months? Use this time to bring them up and share your experience. Position your knowledge as best practice advice for those also working on similar projects. This will not only health your SEO, but also traffic to your website.

Promote a Seasonal Deal

You may not have a hefty discount to offer on your properties such as other more common ecommerce businesses are able to, but you do have your knowledge and expertise to offer. Promote your strengths with a complimentary audit: on documents, on sales cycles and timelines, or anything else that you have done successfully that you are able to connect with your audience.

What are other deals or seasonal knowledge you are able to share at this time?

Let’s connect in regard to upcoming marketing needs or if you just need a quick revamp to existing collateral.

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