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Your end of year marketing checklist
30 Dec

Your end of year marketing checklist

There is still time to ensure your 2023 marketing plan is ready for Q1. With more than 20 new clients this quarter, we understand the importance of tailoring your marketing strategy to your specific business model. A small 3 person (or even a one person) team is not going to produce the same content as a national name with multiple offices across the country.

While we currently serve both types of business models, and everything in between, this year we have really honed in to understand the best marketing strategy for a commercial real estate firm. What types of messaging goes best for a specific property type? What key terms are your target demographic searching for online? What resources are most strategic for your team size?

These are just some of the questions we have been able to answer this year, with all of the twelve+ years of experience behind our belt. Our CEO and Founder, Chelsea Brown comments:

"Our clients have always commended us on the quality of our marketing designs, but this year we have truly prioritized the strategy behind a successful CRE Marketing Plan and that has made all the difference for our existing and new clients."

What are the top items to consider when wrapping this year's marketing strategy and planning for Q1? Let's take a deep dive into this quick checklist we have created based on the success of more than 120 clients in 2022.

#1: What are the topics you want to focus on?

Creating a calendar is not as daunting as you think it is. It can be as simple as taking the top property types, top messaging you want to focus on, or even just showcasing closed deals. For example: January can feature the properties closed in December, top 3 things you learned in 2022, and upcoming properties. February and March can follow this model, and use March to evaluate the results from the previous 3 months to start this calendar over for Q2.

If you are a smaller firm, you still want to keep your online presence updated. Your website and social media, at least your personal LinkedIn, should reflect the topics in which you are a subject matter expert.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel here: speak on what you know. Digital marketing, specifically content creation, is sweeping all industries by storm and you cannot head into the new year unprepared. Talk about things you are comfortable with, whether that is a short snippet on LinkedIn, or a note on your client newsletter.

#2: Audit your existing content.

Before thinking about the new items you want to add to your marketing strategy, lets take a step back and analyze what you already have in place. As we keep reiterating, the size of your team, or the quantity of your content is not as important as the quality of it.

For example, if you are trying to climb the ranks on the LinkedIn algorithm, you may want to take a look at what your current presence looks like on there. Whether it is simply updating your current voice, or making sure you are posting more frequently about your current business, you want to ensure your content reflects your brand.

Did you know that including custom mapping or custom aerial maps is key to ensuring your marketing material is engaging? Read more about our custom maps here.

Auditing your existing marketing collateral is equally as important. When was the last time you updated your flyers or offering memorandums? Did you know we offer complimentary auditing of your existing materials? With as many clients as we have, we have gathered some data on what the best practices for each property type are.

#3 Consider your budget.

We extensively talk about the benefits of outsourcing your marketing strategy in our blog section. However, with the economy being as volatile as it is, it is always important to understand what the realistic budget for all aspects of your company looks like. Marketing may not be at the top of your list of priorities, but marketing does not have to be extraordinarily expensive or complicated.

In fact, outsourcing your content is actually much more economical than hiring a full time or even a part time employee. Learn more about the benefits of outsourcing your marketing here. Outsourced marketing services are becoming more and more frequent over long term contract employees or marketing agencies.

In conclusion, there are some simple steps you can take into account as the end of the year approaches. With more than twelve years and 150 clients, we are always available to act as consultants and strategists to ensure our clients go into the new year prepared for success.

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